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30 Years Anniversary Committee

Lina Sarro, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, Chair
Nico de Rooij, EPFL, Swiss
Roger T. Howe, Stanford University, USA
Tie Li, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS, China

"30 Years Anniversary Celebration" activities

1. Historical Exhibition

A “Historical Exhibit” has been arranged to introduce all the past meetings of the conference. There is a poster for each meeting. These posters show the logos, venues, photos of the General Chairs and the Technical Program Committee Chairs, as well as other images or written material that might help characterizing the events. All the posters have been included in the Digital Technical Program of the conference.

2. Awards to the founders and the outstanding contributors

Prof. Lina Sarro has chaired the 30 years anniversary celebration activities. The founders and the outstanding contributors have been awarded.

(1) Three founders of Transducers Conference have been elected by the “30 Years Anniversary Committee”. The founders are invited to the meeting and each awarded with a certificates signed by the general chair Dr. Xia and presented with a framed double-sided embroidery with three colorful peony flowers (the Chinese national flower). The three founders are:

  • Wen H Ko
  • Scott C Chang
  • Simon Middelhoek

(2) The General Chairs and the Technical Program Committee Chairs of all previous meeting presenting at Transducers’2011 are awarded “Outstanding Contribution Award”. Each of them is awarded with a certificates signed by the general chair Dr. Xia and presented with a framed double-sided embroidery with a pair of lovely pandas. The Outstanding Contribution Award recipients are:

  • Nico de Rooij
  • Kensall Wise
  • Masayoshi Esashi
  • Helmut Seidel
  • Roger T. Howe
  • Hiroyuki Fujita
  • Byung-Ki Sohn
  • Robert Puers
  • Gilles Delapierre
  • Martin Schmidt
  • Khalil Najafi
  • Byung-ki Sohn(by proxy Dr. Young-Soo Sohn)

The Birth of Transducers Conference

At the “1981 Material Research Society (MRS) Symposium on Solid-State Transducers” (Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts,on November 18-19, 1981), approximately 100 researchers in the field of “Solid-State Transducers” gathered from around the world. 22 papers were presented (16 invited papers and 6 contributed papers). The two-day affair was co-chaired by Scott S. Chang and Wen H. Ko. The meeting is known as “Transducers’81” later.

On the evening of November 19, 1981, an extra evening session was held to discuss the research field as a whole, and what it needed. It was out of the evening meeting an international conference on solid-state sensors and actuators was born.

The year 1981 was also the birth year of “Sensors and Actuators”, the first journal devoted exclusively to solid-state sensors and actuators. The journal was chief-edited by Simon Middelhoek and published by Elsevier. Volume 2 of the Journal contained almost all of the papers presented at the 1981 MRS symposium.

Based on the decision made on the extra evening session at 1981 MRS symposium, the first independent meeting entitled “International Conference on Solid State Sensors and Actuators (Transducers’83)” was held in Delft, the Netherlands. The meeting was chaired by Simon Middelhoek. Starting from the Delft meeting, the operation system has been maintained for “Transducers’xx” to be held every two years on a westward regional rotation (from Europe, America to Asia, and Europe again), organized by an international steering committee made up of representatives from the three regions.

To meeting the needs of expanding research field, the steering committee meeting held during Transducers’2001, Munich, decided that the name of the conference be changed to “International Conference on Solid-state Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems” starting from Transducers’ 03.


“Call for paper” of “1981 Material Research Society Symposium on Solid-State Transducers”

Technical digest of “1983 International Conference on Solid-state Sensors and Actuators”

S. Middelhoek, Celebration of the tenth transducers conference: the past, present and future of the research and development, Sensors and Actuators, 82 (2000) 2-23






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