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The TRANSDUCERSĄ¯11 conference invites contributions describing the latest scientific and technological research results in subjects including, but not restricted to:

  1. Mechanical/Physical Sensors and Microsystems

  2. Chemical Sensors and Microsystems

  3. Bio-Sensors and Bio-Microsystems

  4. Medical Microsystems

  5. Microfluidics

  6. Materials, Fabrication and Packaging Technologies

  7. Theory, Design and Test Methodology

  8. Actuators

  9. RF MEMS, Resonators, and Oscillators

  10. Optical MEMS

  11. Nanoscale Materials and Fabrication, Devices and Systems

  12. Energy and Power MEMS

The selected papers based on the conference contributions will be published in Special Volumes of Sensors and Actuators A: Physical and B: Chemical after the standard journal reviewing process, and that the Guide for Authors can be found on and and that the submission deadline has been set at 10th August 2011. Any late papers will be published in a regular issue with a footnote referring to the conference.



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