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TRANSDUCERS conference is the largest multidisciplinary conference on Microsensors, Microactuators and Microsystems, with typically 900 attendees from university, research institute, government and industry who gather every two years to exchange the latest advances in the field. The coming Transducers'11 conference is the 30th Anniversary of TRANSDUCERS conferences, and it is the first time for this conference to be held in China.

Transducers'11 conference invites contributions describing the latest scientific and technological research results in subjects including, but not restricted to:

  1. Mechanical/Physical Sensors and Microsystems

  2. Chemical Sensors and Microsystems

  3. Bio-Sensors and Bio-Microsystems

  4. Medical Microsystems

  5. Microfluidics

  6. Materials, Fabrication and Packaging Technologies

  7. Theory, Design and Test Methodology

  8. Actuators

  9. RF MEMS, Resonators, and Oscillators

  10. Optical MEMS

  11. Nanoscale Materials and Fabrication, Devices and Systems

  12. Energy and Power MEMS




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