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Technical Tour

June 9th, 13:30-17:00

At June 9th afternoon, there is one technical tour open for Transducers’11 attendees, which will go through the major micro-nano research centers in Beijing area, including Institute of Electronics (Chinese Academy of Science), Peking University (PKU) and Tsinghua University (THU), each place about 40mins.

Please sign up at registration desk during June 4-8th, and get on Technical Tour bus at June 9th 13:30 at CNCC, the bus will go around IE-PKU-THU.

Introduction of Visiting Research Centers

State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology, IE CAS

Established in 1987, the State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology is the first State Key Laboratory in the research field of sensors and transducers in China. After more than two decades, the laboratory has become one of the most outstanding micro/nano research centers in China. The laboratory has 3500 sq.m. lab area, with 500 sq.m. clean room. The laboratory focuses on extensive and various research themes based on MEMS/NEMS technology, and has made many distinguished accomplishments in the fields such as microsensors and microsystems based on MEMS technology, theory and techniques of integrated microsystems, biochemical sensors and analysis systems, physical sensors and systems, micro transducers and systems. Lots of research production and patents have been achieved.

Peking University

Established in 1996, National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Micro/Nano Fabrication, in PKU devotes the fundamental and applied researches on silicon-based micro/nano fabrication, micro/nano sensors and actuators, and micro/nano integrated systems. During the past 5 years, this famous MEMS research Center received more than 150 significant grants in China and National prize of S&T in micromachining technology. MEMS PKU also collaborates with many domestic and international academy and industry partners.

The 900sq.m. clean room has full set equipments of micro-nano fabrication, which will be open for visiting during technical tour, please sign it during technical tour registration.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is one of the pioneers in MEMS and microsensor reseach in China, since the midterm of 1980's. The researchers from the Institute of Microelectronics and Dept. Precision Instruments are the largest MEMS team in Chinese universities. Based on the 1000 sq.m. Class-1000 clean room, Tsinghua University has made great achievements in microtechnology research and MEMS products.

2011 is the year of one century anniversary of Tsinghua University. The exhibition of achievements of Tsinghua University from 1911-2011, is now open for visiting. The milestones and achievements in science, engineering, medicine and biology, and humanities and arts show the snapshot of the progresses of science and technology of China in the last 30 years.


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