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Course A-2 (2:00 pm -5:00 pm, June 5, 2011)
MEMS Design Using Modeling and Simulation Methods

The lecturers will provide insight into various MEMS design methodologies using both bottom-up and top-down methods.  Various MEMS simulation areas will be discussed, including physical process simulation (deep RIE, wet etch, deposition, lithography), process design kits (PDKs), and MEMS design rule checking (DRC).  The lecturers will discuss the possibilities for automated meshed model creation using cutting-edge synthesis and meshing algorithms.  The latest advancements in multiphysics device analysis will be covered along with reduced-order model extraction from multiphysics models.  Furthermore, course attendees will learn about possibilities for MEMS system analysis and co-design with CMOS IC and packaging.  The lecturers will use several real-world examples to demonstrate the use of simulation tools in the MEMS design flow.  Finally, the lecturers will discuss some of the current challenges in MEMS modeling/simulation and how these challenges are being addressed.
Short Biographies:
Yie He, President of Intellisense software Corp
Dr. Joe Johnson, Senior application engineer, Intellisense Software Corp.



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