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Course B-1 (9:00 am -12:00am, June 5, 2011)
Advanced Fabrication of MEMS & BIOMEMS and Carbon-MEMS/NEMS

Part I: Introduction to MEMS and BIOMEMS: After a definition of MEMS and BIOMEMS is presented, top-down vs. bottom-up manufacturing methods are contrasted and then a long list of pertinent MEMS and BIOMEMS manufacturing methods are reviewed. This list includes: bulk micromachining with wet etching, wafer bonding, deep reactive ion etching-DRIE, surface micromachining-CVD, laser beam machining-LBM, electron beam machining-EBM, electrodischarge machining-EDM, electrochemical machining-ECM, ultrasonic machining-USM and LIGA.
Part II: Introduction to C-MEMS/C-NEMS. In this second session we discuss an advanced new micro and nano manufacturing approach i.e., carbon MEMS and carbon NEMS. After explaining why C-MEMS/C-NEMS as a new approach is so important we explain what the different C-MEMS/C-NEMS processes entail.  The C-MEMS/C-NEMS applications we review include smart batteries, interdigitated carbon nano-electrodes, suspended carbon wires and carbon fractals. The latter are made combining top-down and bottom-up manufacturing methods.

Biography: Prof. Marc. Madou is a Chancellor's Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, University of California. Many MEMS researchers and students must have read his world famous book: “Fundamentals of Microfabrication”.



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